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Topseed Tennis Academy|ANZ Hot Shots Epping,West Lalor & St. Andrews



Introducing Tennis Hot Shots Match Play, formerly known as Tennis Hot Shots Leagues.
Match Play is the evolution of the Leagues program name which will encompass all introductory competition formats for Hot Shots kids who have at least 2 terms of Hot Shots experience.

Tennis Hot Shots Match Play is the perfect way for children aged 7-11 years old to experience their first team tennis experience and transition from learning to playing the game. We also encourage parents to get involved with scoring and supervising teams which ensures everyone has a great time!

We run mixed boys & girls programs as well as Australia's first girls only program, aiming to build confidence & encourage girls to participate in a fun & friendly environment.


If your child would like to get involved with Hot Shots Match Play contact us now!

See our Director of Coaching Yvonne discuss Australia's First Girls ANZ Hot Shots Match Play Program 
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