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Topseed Tennis may, from time to time, review and update these Terms and Conditions. Please refer to this web page for the current version. Translation services are provided by the Google Translate and may not be 100% accurate, Topseed Tennis take no responsibility for any errors in translation from English to another language.


New Enrolments

If you are enrolling for the first time please complete an enrolment form and select your preferred lesson time and we will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your selection.


Term Re-Enrolment & Fees

Current participants enrolled in Topseed Tennis lessons are given priority for the next term.

All participants are offered the same class on the same day at the same time (unless advised differently) for the next term's enrolments. However, to confirm the enrolment confirmation must be received by email or SMS to Topseed Tennis and payment must be made by the due date on your invoice.

If you do not wish to continue lessons, please let us know as soon as possible so your spot can be allocated to another student.

PLEASE NOTE: If payment is not received by the due date, your place in the program may be lost.

If after the current term has started and you inform us that you do not wish to continue with lessons a cancellation fee equal to 3 lessons will apply. 

Important Information

Once payment has been received your place will be confirmed in the program. Your selected spot is held for you, if you require a change of day or time for the next term please contact Topseed Tennis prior to the payment due date. If you have difficulty with payment, then please contact us ASAP to discuss.


Missed Lessons

Topseed Tennis is under no obligation to make-up missed group lessons (except for classes missed due to a washout) or to credit them for future terms.

All private lessons cancelled with 24 hours’ notice will be made up at a time mutually agreed upon.
For semi-private coaching, if both participants cancel with more than 24 hours’ notice the lesson will be made up at a time mutually agreed between the parties, however if one pupil is to miss, no make-up class will be offered as the session still goes ahead with the other pupil regardless.
All cancellations made by the participant, with less than 24 hours’ notice, will be charged as if the lesson took place. However, Topseed Tennis may consider another family member having the lesson.

Supervision of Juniors - Topseed Tennis coaches are not responsible for supervising children outside of lesson times.

Make Up Class Time - Topseed Tennis reserves the right to conduct Make Up Lesson classes at alternate times/days to student’s usual class times.

If students do not, or are unable to attend these classes, they will be forfeited.

There is no fee reduction or credit for missed classes.

Public Holidays and Long Weekends

There will be no group lessons on Public Holidays. Group lessons will go ahead on Saturdays and Sundays during long weekends (i.e. when there is a Public Holiday on a Friday or Monday).


Rain Policy

Lessons may be cancelled in wet weather, or if, in our judgment, it is likely to be wet during the lesson time. 

Heat out Policy

Please note that our heat out policy is that classes will be cancelled when temperatures reach over 36 degrees celcius. 

The decision whether to cancel lessons due to bad weather will be made at the courts immediately prior to the lesson start time. On extremely wet days, we may make a decision in advance.

If your child's class has been cancelled due to rain or heat we will update each lesson venue status via the Topseed Tennis smartphone app. This app is our sole communication method for you to check your lesson status and is available for iphone and android phones.

Cancellation of one group lesson does not necessarily mean that other lessons will be cancelled that day. If you choose not to attend of your own accord, then you risk forfeiting your class. Any classes cancelled due to bad weather will be made up at the end of the term or the week prior to the start of the next term at the discretion of Topseed Tennis.

Medical & liability

 acknowledge and agree that the staff of Topseed Tennis will act on my behalf, according to their best judgement, in any emergency requiring medical attention. I release Topseed Tennis from any and all liability for injury or illness and costs incurred whilst undertaking a program or event with Topseed Tennis.

Photography & Video Images

I acknowledge that Topseed Tennis may take photographs and/or video clips of children during tennis programs, lessons, and events. I further acknowledge and agree that these photographs may be used in marketing material including leaflets, posters, the Topseed Tennis website and on Topseed Tennis social media pages. Usage is without compensation or notice. If you do not give permission for your child/ren to be photographed or videoed, please notify us via email at .

Free trials are offered by Topseed Tennis for group classes only. These trials are strictly for new participants only, one per customer and are subject to availability.

Free t-shirt provided to new students to Topseed Tennis who enrol for the full coaching term and pay the full term fees prior to the first lesson.


Changes to Lesson Schedules

Occasionally we may have to make changes to our published schedule, including cancelling a published group lesson, creating an additional group lesson, or changing the day/time of a group lesson.

If there are insufficient enrolments by the end of Week 1 of a school term for a scheduled group lesson to be viable, we may cancel that group for the term.

Anyone who has already enrolled a child in a scheduled lesson that is subsequently cancelled or changed will be offered alternative time slots or given a full refund.

Code of Conduct
Topseed Tennis are responsible for setting standards and values that apply to all levels of participants. There is a code of conduct in place is to ensure everyone is treated fairly and with respect.
All staff, participants and spectators must behave in a manner which must not inflict mental or physical anxiety or hurt to another individual.
Inappropriate actions and unacceptable behavior includes but is not limited to:
Racquet throwing or swinging;
Being abusive or aggressive;
Intimidating behaviour;

Any actions or words considered to be bullying;
Questioning another person’s integrity over line calls or other actions;
Causing danger to other players through your play.
Opponents, partners, and others on or near the courts should always be shown respect and consideration.
Criticism of partners or opponents should be avoided. Encouragement is far more constructive.
Members should never walk behind players whilst a game or a rally is in progress.

Only participating students are allowed on court. Siblings, friends & family are NOT permitted on court unless otherwise requested by a Topseed Tennis staff member.


To discuss these topics or any enquiries you may have, please contact Head Coach, Yvonne Fantin as below:

Mob: 0411 443 627


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